If this is what you’re experiencing, let us help

  • More short of breath, more pain, more tired and weak even though symptoms are treated

  • More emergency room and hospital visits

  • Frequent infections

  • Consistent loss of weight

  • You start seeing multiple specialists

  • You have monthly doctor appointments

  • You are on 10 or more medications

  • Nothing is getting better and there are no clear answers to why

How to get started


“It was such a comfort to my sister and her family to have an entire team of health care professionals devoted to her care.”

“The team saw things that I couldn’t. They were more help than I can say! All my concerns were addressed with compassion and insight. There are no words to tell you how helpful and thoughtful the team was. They helped me make good decisions based on what they could see was happening. I will always be grateful for the hugs and kind words. Thank you!”

“I cannot remember when I have been this comfortable since my illness began. I am very grateful for the physical and emotional comfort Hospice of the Pines has already brought to my life.”

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You don’t have to be alone. No more wondering what to do and no more late nights in the ER.

Experience meaningful and comforting time with your loved one.

Let us help.

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